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    5-Star Amazon Reviews

    Ronda Winters
    Educational book smartly written to keep readers engaged
    “I absolutely loved the way the book was written. As a young person, I struggled with reading
    comprehension, and the approach the author took, by asking questions every couple of paragraphs,
    really helps reinforce reading comprehension. I’ve never found a book like this before. That alone
    makes it a gem that should be a required read in every school. Not to mention the wonderful topics
    that are being discussed. Overall the best children’s (and adult since I’m 48) book I’ve ever read. I
    sure hope this is only the first of many that Gisela Bengfort writes.”


    A. Greeley
    Delightful, engaging story for all ages! “I love this book. It's an imaginative adventure story that will

    delight all ages. It's especially fun to read aloud to children or grandchildren, because it is peppered

    throughout with thought-provoking questions that bring the reader/listener directly into the story, as

    well as fascinating facts about wildlife. The characters and plot are engaging but never coy or

    sentimental. Simply marvelous!”


    K. Brennan
    An instant classic “A wonderful tale of adventure for young and old alike. Touches on enduring themes

    for what it means to be human and really engages the reader with thoughtful questions. Sure to be read

    again and again.”

    Lucille Bengfort
    An adventure! “I found Gisela's book on Amazon! My copy arrived a couple of days ago and I had so much

    fun reading it. It is a wonderful tale to read with your children and encourages discussion about honoring
    Nature and each other. The illustrations are perfect, Gisela. You found just the right person to create
    the artwork. Good luck to you, Wolfy, and Fate on your new adventures!”


    Christine Cormier
    “Wolfy’s Adventure is a sweet book with a great message of compassion and inclusion. I love how
    she involves the reader with her questions making them a part of the story. Looking forward to the
    next Adventure.”


    Wow, how to work through challenges! “Wolfy provides life lessons for young and old how to face life's

    challenges. Through her positive attitude and actions, she perseveres. The book brought a tear to my eyes,

    in a great way!”

    Barnes and Noble Reviews

    The Interactive Book Our Kids Need Today – 5 Stars

    “As the father of two, uncle to 25 and a tutor of grade-school children, I have developed an ear and eye for books that are immediately engaging, page-turning and life-instructive….but not "preachy." Wolfy's Adventure fits the bill because the story sets up a situation (the "unlikely friendship") that even a very young child can grasp as funny, surprising, even dangerous. Bengfort's clever premise has the reader always aware of the huge risk Wolfy takes in her friendship as well as the pay-off for keeping one's word. Discussion prompts are ideally placed to bring the reader and audience together on each step of this sometimes-scary, hilarious and exhilarating tale,”


    A Fun Read For The Whole Family! -- 5 Stars “Our family has seriously enjoyed reading Wolfy's Adventure together!! As parents to 3 kids ranging in ages from 2-8, it can be hard to find a book that pleases all but Wolfy's Adventure fit the bill. The "unlikely friendship" and adventures that Wolfy embarks on is suspenseful, fun, and provides plenty of laughs! Bengfort seamlessly sprinkles in questions that create thoughtful dialogue (ie: "what is your superpower?) and is the perfect way to connect with our kiddos at the end of the day. Beautiful illustrations to boot! Highly recommended - we can't wait for the next book!”


    LOVE This Book! – 5 Stars “This book was so much fun to read, it made me want to read it not just to all kids, but to my own parents. The author does a great job making YOU ask yourself and your kids what they think about in their own lives and rarely do kids get that chance to really discover themselves without a million different choices from cell phones, social media, and video games. It's what's natural to humans that comes from this book, and the author has so much heart and soul in.”


    Wolfy's Adventure: An Unlikely Friendship – 5 Stars “Just finished this book- It is an absolute delight! The characters come to life with lessons about trust, taking a leap of faith, including others, and giving those that are not ourselves an openhearted chance. I think this book will be a very valuable and treasured family book because it makes us all think about what is important in life while filling the heart with inspiration and kindness, I hope this book becomes a movie.” When Prey And Predator Form An Unorthodox Bond – 5 stars “Wolfy, An Unlikely Friendship, has stories within stories, life lessons for all to learn, taking risks for a potential greater outcome, and dealing with realities through animals living above and below the surface. Its irresistible characters and constant plot shifts allow parents and kids to wrap themselves around the striking parallels of obstacles we all must face. An added surprise was the questions that pop up during each chapter providing in-depth dialogue between parents and kids.”

    Online Book Club Book Reviews

    “Wolfy seems to have interesting adventures. Children will love this book.”


    “I love this children’s book. It seems to contain the right elements for children, and the storyline was perfectly constructed. Many children will definitely enjoy reading this. Kudos to the author for a job well done.”


    “The description in the storyline is so good. The name chosen, Wolfy, for the female rat is so great in that it requires critical thinking when naming characters in a story, especially for the children. Having read the storyline, I can tell the book is so interesting to read, especially for the little children.”


    “The values and morals taught in the book are amazing.”


    “I love this children's book. It seems to contain the right elements for children, and the storyline was perfectly constructed. Many children will definitely enjoy reading this. Kudos to the author for a job well done.”


    “Wolfy’s Adventure: an unlikely friendship is a good one for children, young readers, and fable lovers. They will enjoy reading it because, for the children, the questions randomly asked by the author in the story would engage them, and they would particularly find the included pictures interesting. The fable lovers will love the entire imagery and how the author created them while also picking valuable lessons from it.”

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