• Wolfy’s Adventure series

    Award-Winning, Adventurous Book Series Promotes The Values Of Friendship, Courage, and Resilience To Children


    When the pandemic struck, mysteriously and swiftly, two years ago, much of the world seemed
    to stop, isolated and fearful. Not Gisela Bengfort-Piatti. It became the perfect time to put her
    stories into a series of children’s books. She had to. Her granddaughter, Camryn, encouraged her
    to do so. She couldn’t let her down.

    Gisela’s Wolfy’s Adventure series, perfect for children ages 6-9, is an award-winning pair of
    books filled with colorful illustrations and powerful messages. The stories are based, in part, on
    family stories, true events, and a fantastical imagination.

    Her books uniquely engage young readers with the inclusion of probing and provocative
    questions for each child to ponder as the action unfolds. Her stories highlight the power of
    having courage and empathy. She shows us knowledge is the power to giving us wings to
    explore new adventures. As a lover of nature and animals, she writes an enjoyable adventure
    about two enemy animals who befriend each other and show us how we can overcome anything
    when we put our heart into it.

    Her books offer delightful adventures about Wolfy, as she ventures through the outdoors and
    meets enemies and friends that will challenge her courage and decision-making skills.
    Wolfy’s adventure starts as she encounters two of her most dangerous enemies. Standing at a
    crossroad, she is forced to make a life changing decision that will not only impact her, but also
    her loved ones forever. Which way should she go? Should she take a big risk or just walk away?
    Could it be the beginning of an unlikely friendship or the end of everything?


    The cast of characters includes pelicans, owls, seagulls, otters, humans, and others, but the
    stories leave the young reader feeling moved by the improbable friendship of two very different
    creatures, Wolfy and Fate. Feather and fur come together. It’s also about how the families of
    these animals initially resist their coming together.

    While these stories are certainly fantasy, Gisela has included many details about the animals that
    are factual, including their behavior and their habitat. And just like with humans, animals can
    form unlikely relationships that bring unexpected joy and adventure.

    “The most exciting things in life come unexpectedly and will change you forever,” says Gisela.


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  • Throughout both books in the Wolfy’s Adventure series, penned by Gisela Bengfort-Piatti, she invited the young readers to explore the action from their vantage point. She offers scores of questions sprinkled throughout the text that assist and engage young minds to think more deeply and personally. All of the questions help the reader to ponder and probe their experiences, feelings, ideas, values, and hopes.

    Sample questions:

    Do you have a secret?

    Have you ever lost someone you loved?

    Do you have a friend that’s different from you?

    Have you and your family moved away before?

    Have you ever disappointed someone you cared about?

    What would you do in her situation? Could you live with that?

    Do you know the sadness of goodbyes too?  Do you ignore your parents’ advice sometimes?

    Have you ever learned something from a mistake you made?

    Gisela’s series of children’s books are based on stories she made up and told her grandchildren. In fact, her granddaughter convinced her to write these books. The pandemic was a perfect time for Gisela to get to work and start penning books of courage and heroism. “These books entertain and enlighten our newest generation,” says Gisela proudly. “But they also help engage the reader to explore his/her experiences, ideas, and feelings. They not only tell wonderful tales, but they educate children about nature and the inhabitants of the wild kingdom.”

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