A Drop Of Heaven

Have you ever been overwhelmed by a large gathering? Did you feel trapped by the noise and bored by the small talk? All you really want is to escape to your favorite spot or activity, right?Slowly, you start cancelling out and elevate yourself. You diminish into thin air, surrounded by silence. Hanging loose!

It’s like taking off with an airplane, where everything is getting smaller, and suddenly you’re above the clouds. No responsibility, no rush! You smell the fresh air, hear your favorite music and you are weightless. Your breathing slows down. You arrived at your spot, and you surrender. You drift vertically with your eyes closed.

Reluctantly you open your eyes, and you gaze surrounding . You recognize your favorite places and revel in memoires. You identify some favorite faces, and it puts a magical smile on your lips. To your left you see your last family gathering on the beach. Further over you’re in an embrace with your favorite person. Then you catch a glimpse of skiing down the slope with your kids. To the right there’s a person with a drink in their hands, who is that? Suddenly someone is tapping on your shoulder. With a free fall you’re back down and jolt a bit as your immediate back in the crowd of people.

This is how I feel as an author when I write. It’s my paradise, my escape! What is yours?

My passion is to write for children, about nature and animals. I am Gisela Bengfort, the author of Wolfy’s Adventure series. My first book Wolfy’s Adventure, An Unlikely Friendship, just received the Pinnacle Award as best juvenile fiction by NABE.

The book features the adventure between a rat and a red shoulder hawk. It’s an inspiring story for children 6-9 year-olds. It speaks about friendship, trust, and love, who touches topics like race, diversity, and bullying. I used some real-life events and kept animal behavior factual. My questions posed to the reader and listener are intended to engage and spark conversations.

My granddaughter, Camryn, inspired me to write down the stories I told her during the pandemic. My neighbor, Mimia, who worked for Pixar, just started her own business and hired an Illustrator for my book. Giulia suggested I should add some of her Illustrations to enhance the stories. Suddenly it was a book!

My husband, Joe, recommended to send it to a publisher and the rest adds some magic and luck to this story. My second book Wolfy’s Adventure, Away from Home, just got published and the third is in the making. Both are available on Amazon, Barns & Noble, Google Play, etc.

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